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Aside from the foundations aspirations of raising funds through its biannual fundraisers, it seeks to tap into regular donations throughout the year.

We invite you to support us and therefore wish that you get in touch with us so that you may explore the different ways in donating to our foundation.

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The RACH Foundation Gala Dinner is a one evening, fundraising event taking place at the Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel in March 2010 focused on raising capital for water purification projects in India's slum communities as well as range of important charitable objectives.

Why become a sponsor?

The event is based on invitations only and accessible to only a select group of companies and prominent individuals and their spouses. They will be attending the event because of their philanthropic ideals. Among them will be CEO's from the regions top institutions as well as a number of prominent dignitaries from around the world. Sponsoring this event gives you high-impact exposure to an elite group of influential thinkers and powerful leaders as well as creating market-wide visibility of your organizations commitment to social responsibility.
Sponsorship provides you with exclusive benefits and special recognition as a lead advocate of The RACH Foundation.
There are five packages, which correspond to five levels of sponsorship. The level of your sponsorship is determined by the amount that you invest from the Sponsorship Shopping List.
Packages are designed for sponsors who invest more than US$15,000



Most of our present initiatives are based in India. We are presently working on our volunteering activities packages as we believe that taking time out from our daily lives and enabling disadvantaged sections of society helps us improve as a whole community. Volunteering is about assisting others in need using the knowledge and skills we have. Some of our volunteering activities require specific skills while most of them just need an open heart and a passion to make a difference.

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